Sunday School

Keystone Class - Room 119

The Keystone Class is a diversified class in that the class included a time for sharing joys and concerns of all members of the church. We spend time singing our favorite hymns from our own songbook and we also celebrate birthdays with song. The lesson each week is from a uniform series. The Keystone Class welcomes you with open arms.


Seekers Class - Room 128

Are you seeking? We are—

We are a class of approximately 20 adults who don’t have the answers to all the questions about the Bible.

We started this class in the fall of 2005 with a general study of the Bible. (Just the basics!) Our next course of study was the Old Testament. (Start at the beginning!)

But we are a people on this side of the cross, so we moved into a New Testament study and then were lead to the Psalms. (The most beautiful of prayers!)

So how do we pray? Come join us on our journey!


Searchers Class - Room 114

The Searcher’s Class is true to its name. Using the bible as its guide, the class chooses topics and materials to be studied.

Our class is informal, sharing joys and concerns of all church members. Our weekly offering is for outreach in the community, including monthly support of mobile meals.

We invite you to visit us, and to join us as a member. We look forward to welcoming you.



The Pre-School Class meets in Room 122 (the nursery). Children through age four have play time, snacks and short, Bible-based lessons appropriate to their age group.


Elementary Children’s Class

Kindergarten children through 5th Grade meet in Room 106. Bible-based materials for this age group are chosen by the teachers, who prepare interesting and fun lessons for the children.


Youth & High School Class

A new class for middle school age children will be meeting upstairs in the Youth Room, #208. In a casual and fun atmosphere, this class will challenge older youth to continue learning Bible stories, and to find ways to use them in their every-day lives.